AGENDA – Grinding America Down

The documentary, Agenda: Grinding America Down (2010) by Curtis Bower, shows how the progressive changes in our society have being plotted to promote a socialist agenda. It displays how the socialists have infiltrated in the: Media, Education, Hollywood, Labor, Church, Non-profits and Government. With the sole intention of corrupting their values from inside out, and transform the American culture.

As an Idaho Republican State Representative from District 10, Bower raised attention in 2008, when he wrote a letter1 to the editor of Idaho Press-Tribune, telling about how the communist agenda infiltrated America. It all started when he attended the 1972 Communist Party Convention in Berkley, California.

Bower shakes some “strong beliefs” that most people hold as true, but are far from being that. By raising a few questions and answering them accordingly to the best knowledge available. Questions like: Is Communism dead? What is so bad about Communism? What is Communism? Why are they so against morality?

One important strategy is the use of people to promote communism that are not communists as a matter of fact, what Lenin called the “useful idiots”. The communists now are identified as Progressists in order to look more appealing, modern and avoid the stigma that comes along with that name for most people. Not without a good reason for sure.

There are many groups working towards the socialist’s goals and the most growing in influence in America are: The Fabian Socialists, The Frankfurt School, The Feminist Movement, Antonio Gramsci (Gramscianism) and the Communist Party USA.

AGENDA is the most powerful expose of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far. - Ted Baehr, MovieGuide

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