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10 Invalid Arguments in Defense of False Teachers

By Rick Becker  8 March 2018

Scripture warns us that in the last days some will depart from the faith, and be deceived by evil spirits and teachings of demons. Those who teach false doctrines are not on the fringes of christianity, they are in the center in the form of the Evangelical Industrial Complex.  Bethel, Hillsong and other NAR “churches” have infested the visible church like gangrene.  Those who are saved from this deception, try to warn their friends and family still caught up in the quagmire of celebrity teachers and false doctrines.  When we warn them of the precarious position they are in, they usually resort to arguments we are all familiar with. This post deals with some of those questions.

1) Do you know them personally?

2) Have you approached them directly?

3) Why don’t you just pray for them?

4) Why do you have to mention names?

5) Their ministry has fruits !

6) Their teachings have helped me!


7) Who are you to judge?

8) You are sowing division in the body of Christ!

9) What have you done for the Lord?

10) So you think your theology is perfect?


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