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How Can I Know if I’m Saved?

The being in a state of grace will yield a man a heaven hereafter, but the seeing of himself in this estate will yield him both a heaven here and a heaven hereafter; it will render him doubly blest, blest in heaven, and blest in his own conscience. – Thomas Brooks

Over 350 years ago, Brooks referenced the doctrine of assurance and rightly understood it to be one of the most precious blessings available in the Christian life (A Puritan Golden Treasury). Indeed, for the child of God to have certainty concerning his union with Christ invariably leads to an abundance of related blessings—an increased intimacy in prayer, an increased joy in worship, an increased zeal in service and an increased humility in fellowship, to name but a few. However, coupled with the riches of assurance is the truth that it is also one of the most complex issues in the Christian faith. Many are often left wondering, “how can I know if I’m saved?” It is a multi-faceted concept and for this reason, one that can often escape the well-intentioned believer.


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