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Is submission bad?

Rightly or wrongly, the world often gathers its theology from those who profess to know God, many of whom call themselves “Christians.” In other words, be careful—people read you a great deal more than they read the Bible. How you treat your wife and children, how you submit to authority (e.g., your employer, your government, your elders) can either encourage skepticism, or else silence the critics.

What view of Christianity are you showing the world? What does the world see as you interact with the authorities in your life—active rebellion, passive indifference, or joyful submission?

Submitting to authority is one of the single most effective ways you can make the gospel attractive. And even though submission is clearly the will of God, too many Christians seem to think it’s optional. That’s a reproach to the gospel, the church, and the Lord Himself. It’s God’s will that we lead peaceful, quiet lives, submit to the laws of the land, and be a blessing to church leadership. We are to submit. That is God’s will.

So, whether it’s a corrupt government, a greedy employer, or an unbelieving spouse, our responsibility is clear—so far as Scripture allows, we are to submit. If you’re struggling with that concept, here’s John MacArthur to help you out…

Listen to this 3-minute clip:

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Here’s John’s point. If you don’t submit to the authorities God placed in your life—parents, employers, government, even teachers—then you're not following His will. Period. In fact, if you rebel against those authorities, you rebel against God (Romans 13:2).

How do you expect to discern what God has not revealed if you don’t obey what He has revealed? Try this instead. Submit to God’s clearly revealed will—recognizing and submitting to your authorities—then see what opportunities and blessings God may reveal after that.



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