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Saved or Self-Deceived

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

When all is said and done in terms of the ministry of the Word of God, the most important thing that we do is preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The most important thing we do is to tell people there is a heaven and there is a hell. And you will spend eternity in heaven or in hell. And then to tell people that there is a way to heaven, guaranteed, absolutely sure and final. There is a way therefore to avoid hell. And since heaven and hell are forever, this is the most important message that anyone can ever give or anyone can ever hear. Every human being lives forever. Every human being is eternal. After this life is over, we will live forever. We will live consciously, personally, intelligently. We will live fully aware of every detail of our existence. We will experience every moment of our eternal existence in a sense that we have never experienced any moment in this life...without distraction, with full comprehension, full understanding of every moment and every experience in eternity without ever sleeping, or being unconscious.


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